A unique event
looking at the connections
between Liberty and Economy
since World War II

In June 2014, as part of the 70th Anniversary of the Allied Landings in Normandy, Caen Memorial, Caen City Council and the Franco-American Chamber of Commerce organized the first edition of the Freedom and Solidarity Forum, under the presidency of John KERRY, US Foreign Secretary and Laurent FABIUS, French Foreign Secretary.

Major economic and political decision makers, leaders of international organizations, reputed academics and philosophers and representatives of younger generations came together in Caen to debate together over the themes of liberty and solidarity with regard to progress in the economy, in technology and in science.

Figuring among the keynote speakers , Christophe DE MARGERIE, CEO TOTAL, Tom ENDERS, CEO AIRBUS Industry, David BINKS, CEO Fedex Express EMEA, Fleur PELLERIN, French Secretary of State for Foreign Trade, Georges PLASSAT, CEO Carrefour group, Maurice LEVY, CEO Publicis, Elias ZERHOUNI, R&D CEO SANOFI, Michel BARNIER, European Commissioner for the Internal Market and Services, Clara GAYMARD, CEO General Electric France and Vice-President GE international, debating before an audience of some 300 business leaders and 150 members of the European Youth Parliament.

Given the success of the initial event, Caen City Council has decided to renew this international summit, now entitled the D-DAY ECONOMIC FORUM Caen Normandy aiming to become the place to debate on the economic and social issues of the 21st Century.

From the 5th to the 7th June 2016,the City will thus again be host to eminent business leaders, experts, academics, philosophers and international students to allow them to exchange views on “The Sense of Man” in relation to the “Survival of Freedom in the 21st Century”…

The 2016 Event:
Liberty from an
Economic Perspective

This year’s theme: “The Sense of Man: will freedom survive in the 21st Century?” is particularly significant given the international, societal, environmental, scientific and technological issues facing our world today

The event will enable us to raise the fundamental issues of liberty, integrity, ethics and solidarity in our constantly evolving world both on a highly symbolical date – June 6th and in a highly symbolical place – Normandy !

The Forum aims to demonstrate all of Normandy’s values, where its capital city has chosen to lean on the lessons from the past to build a stronger future. This is the challenge, which Caen and its partners.have set themselves.

Will Freedom survive
in the 21st Century?

As never before, we today find ourselves facing the Janusian aspect of progress.

YES, we must believe in progress, especially as new technology provides humanity with a whole new field of improvements, new jobs, new sustainable and responsible growth, etc…

YES, we must beware of a total absence of governance, of the disruption, which, at best, will lead to a new definition of our social frameworks and at worst to a possible end to civilization. The race between Man and machine may well escape our intelligence and progress in genomics may well lead to the temptation to create the “perfect” Man.

What liberty has Man in an ultra-connected, secure and predictive universe ?

What will become of the Western Man’s liberty without that of others: trade, economy, migratory flows ?

How can we transform progress and threats into a more reasonable and positive world, with a reciprocal economy, which respects the liberty and integrity of Man in his environment ?

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